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Welcome to Mixed Martial Arts  Rugby

Here at Rugby Mixed Martial Arts you will receive a warm friendly welcome because  we understand starting a new fitness and health routine means a lot to you. Everyone has their own reasons to to start training in the martial arts, for some people they just love the idea of learning kick boxing moves and want to feel energised and learn something new.


Other people may start because they are concerned about their own safety and learning mixed martial arts is the perfect way to defend themselves and that feeling of confidence is very important.


However probably the biggest reason why people get start with our martial arts and kickboxing classes is simply to improve fitness, lose weight and to feel confident. The classes are a high energy fun, bag kicking, self defence learning, fat burning workout! 


The classes are designed for complete beginners, our instructors are experts at helping new members learn the best martial arts moves and get a great work out in a safe, fun and friendly environment.  

Here is a sample of  one our mixed martial arts classes.

Lack of exercise is one of the biggest body health problems of our times.

This despite the fact that we all know how good regular physical activity is for both body and soul - it bolsters our immune system, strengthens our bones and our muscles, stimulates our heat and circulation, and, almost by the way, helps us shed excess poundage.

Looking for the best way to achieve your ideal figure? Well, exercise ensures you burn up calories. And if you’re also following a nutrition plan, you’ll lose body fat faster than with any other method - especially at those problem zones.

Start slow and build up your program gradually but continuously. We’ll be happy to help you decide on the optimum training plan for your needs.

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